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What is Joy and how can you cultivate more of it in your life?

Joy is that feeling that one gets when overcome with positive emotion. If there is a ladder to emotions, Joy would be that step that is one level higher than satisfaction. When you’re satisfied, everything feels as it should be; you are content in the moment.

When the feeling of joy overcomes you, the ordinary and mundane take a new glow that previously, in your lower state, would not have seemed remarkable.

When you feel joyful, it is because something captured your emotive attention to bring you up a rung higher. The feeling of joy is akin to bliss, rapture and delight. Not only are you satisfied, you feel so enraptured by the moment that a smile lights your face, your steps are lighter and everything you gaze upon is covered in the light of your loving attention. It is like what you imagine the feeling would be of having the God Source frolic in your bloodstream for a while.

Oh, what a feeling!

This is why on a Sunday not too long ago, a friend’s post resonated with me. She had been feeling blah for a while by allowing herself to stew and dwell on old stories and old ways of being. Something we all do on occasion or perpetually by way of habit. Wanting to rid herself of the lethargic feelings, she accepted her calling to share personal moments of joy on her social media pages. She did this for the cathartic cleansing she knew would come about.

When I asked her recently, what her joy journey was like, she responded by sharing that she has noticed a difference in her outlook on life. “My reactions to things outside of my control have been less intense. I am focusing on what I can control and the more joy I feel, the more things I find I feel joyful about!”.

Focusing on higher thoughts takes practice and discipline.

If you haven’t given much thought to your learned, practiced and automated responses before now, it is worth considering how your state of being could change with focused thought. I mean, if you’re not mostly happy most of the time, do you have anything to lose by trying something different?

Emotions serve as a measuring tool that allow you to know at what level you’re vibrating. Do you prefer to feel mostly frustrated, short tempered and annoyed or do you prefer the feelings of peace, satisfaction, joy and love?

Anyone can move from a lower vibrational state to a higher vibrational state when they pay attention to what they focus upon.

When you decide to embark upon a mindful path, one where you control your thoughts with focused attention, life changes. No longer giving up your power to another person or circumstance is both liberating and humbling, for when you look around and notice what surrounds you, there is recognition that you allowed these things into your existence. Give undivided attention to that which you want more of and your emotions will tell you how you’re doing. Understanding that you are the maker and creator of your life and experiences is immensely powerful and freeing.

Choosing Joy

So, how do you choose joy? Choosing is a conscious habit and like any habit, the more you practice it, the more entrenched it becomes. Choosing joy requires you to connect to a broader, gentler and more simple perspective than the typical knee-jerk and judgmental reactions that you’re accustomed to.

· Joy is the discovery of a new desire.

· Joy is a little word with immense possibilities.

· Joy transcends lower level being and thinking.

· Joy is a choice.

· Joy is a feeling.

· Joy inspires.

· Joy lifts you up.

· Joy adds to all that is good.

· Joy is light and love.

· Joy is giddy.

· Joy is effervescent.

· Joy comes from a soul connected to Source.

Since launching Essential Tonics, I have made the conscious decision to only take action that feels good. Sure, there is plenty to do, but doing things in bite-sized pieces when inspiration calls, feels right. And, I know that I can do better work from a higher perspective.

Essential Tonics is my personal experiment with joy where I create with a song in my heart, freedom in my soul and listen to what my higher self has to offer. And, I want to keep it that way!

(L-R: Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner & Joy Seeker, Marcy Goetz with Essential Tonics Inc. Founder, Teresa Roulette)

Which essential oils help you feel joy?

I have been asked which essential oils bring about the feeling of joy. Scent is personal thing to each person. What brings one joy will not work for another. However, a good place to start on your joyful essential oil journey is from a place of calm.

There are many essential oils with calmative properties to them and they can be accessed in the Calming Essential Oils Ebook, which lists 33 calmative essential oils. With each essential oil, you will discover:

· The Type of Plant, Part used and Method of Extraction

· Interesting historical information

· Principal places of production

· What to look for when purchasing the oil

· Therapeutic properties

· Therapeutic uses

· Other essential oils that it blends well with

· Precautionary advice

The variety of these calmative essential oils includes floral, woodsy, earthy, camphoraceous, fresh, minty and sweet scents – a variety to play with, regardless of scent preferences. Once you have access to the full list of calmative essential oils, you can head over to your supply of essential oils to find out which ones you have in supply.

And now, we blend!

Next is the fun part where you begin blending based on your personal scent preferences. Mixing together two or more essential oils creates a compound that’s different from any of the component parts, and these blends can be very particular and powerful. So, remember to start with a small amount.

You can start by selecting two or three of your favourite essential oils that combine well with each other (described in the Calming Essential Oils Ebook) and add one drop at a time until the scent is exactly what you want.

Make sure you keep a notebook close by to make a record of the Tonic so that you can repeat it again.

Yours in creation,



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