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Our Story

I come from a long line of healers and believers.

Pioneering prairie women who homesteaded, knew the earth and were one with it. Long before Do-It-Yourself (DIY) became a catchphrase, our ancestors were those self-sufficient people, inventing and creating because life called for solutions.


Growing up in Manitoba, I would walk through the forest paths with my grandma, plucking wild rose petals off the bush to eat. As I chewed, she explained the benefits of these satiny soft morsels made up of immunity building vitamins.



My mom would walk me through her garden, plucking chamomile, lavender, sage, dill, oregano, thyme and many other herbs, flowers and plants. She would casually squish them between her fingers to expel their essence and bringing them to my nose, would explain the therapeutic properties inherent within each.

In the middle of a Manitoba winter, my family would head off to the bush to build a fire, melt snow and make tea to drink around the fire. During cold and flu season, my bare feet were quickly plunked into a steaming footbath of crushed garlic, a mustard/lard pack wrapped in newspaper was put together and placed upon my chest. I would eat honey and crushed garlic by the spoonful and sipped on warm lemon water while wearing a good ol’ Canadian toque.


Later, as a mom to four children, I used all the tricks of my pioneering predecessors, plus the science of essential oils to cure earaches, ease sinus pain, headaches, anxiety, chest congestion and coughs, treat acne, insomnia, underarm and foot odor, to eliminate ingrown hairs, remove make-up, cleanse and moisturize skin. I have used essential oils liberally, in carefully concocted antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral room sprays during cold and flu season, household disinfectants, and aromatic tonics whenever needed.


The immense versatility of essential oils is similar to those grocery staples of vinegar, salt, sugar, baking soda and oil normally found in a kitchen pantry. These staples are used often, in varying quantities and for multiple purposes. On their own, they just are. Combined with others, they become a new entity. And in the case of essential oils, mixing two or more essential oils together creates a synergistic blend that can be very particular and powerful.


Not only do I continue to find it challenging and fun to create my own all-natural household, beauty and therapeutic solutions, the peace of mind that I gain in knowing exactly what is going into my products is tremendous. When in the throes of creating a new tonic, I am quickly reminded that the creative process is a person’s most valuable asset, for it gives outwardly while also feeding the mind, body and soul. The creative process involves breaking out of patterned behaviour to look at things in a different way. The exact traits of fortitude our pioneering predecessors used for self-sufficiency.

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...the peace of mind that I gain in knowing exactly what is going into my products is tremendous...

With a humble respect of ancestral knowledge and the natural world, reverence for the art, peace and expansion found in creation and a keen interest in providing tools and resources to help people tap into the joy of this form of creation, Essential Tonics was born.


Based in Brandon, MB, Essential Tonics is a proud Canadian supplier of 100% pure essential oils and related resources. It was created to empower people to create all-natural and affordable therapeutic solutions for themselves and their families. And, for those entrepreneurial kindred spirits, this site is meant to be used as a resource hub to support your essential oil business.

Teresa Roulette

Experience my custom blends that I use with my family.

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