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33 Calming Essential Oils Ebook

33 Calming Essential Oils Ebook


This ebook contains a comprehensive list 33 essential oils that have historically been used as sedative and calming agents in aromatherapy and in topical applications.



When the combination is more than the sum of the parts, a synergistic effect takes place.  Mixing together two or more essential oils creates a compound that’s different from any of the component parts, and these blends can be very particular and powerful.

Essential oils can vary widely in their chemical compositions and are made up of an impressive assortment of organic components that are typically categorized into overarching chemical families such as terpenes, alcohols, aldehydes, esters, and phenols. The chemical specification of each essential oil influences the various effects and benefits that are eventually observed.

When making your own therapeutic blends, sometimes more of the essential oil blend is made than is needed at the time.  If so, store the blend in an essential oil safe container for future use.

Always remember that "less is more" in essential oils and very little essential oil is needed in therapeutic blends.


General Dilution Guide:

Whether you're creating an essential oil blend or using a single essential oil, the following is a general guide to how much essential oil concentrate should be mixed with a carrier oil for maximum benefit.  Because dropper insert holes and the viscosity of essential oils vary, the following is only a general guide:

Drops   Carrier Oil (ml)

0–1 drop            1

2–5 drops           5

4–10 drops        10

6–15 drops        15

8–20 drops        20

10–25 drops      25

12–30 drops      30


The Calmative Essential Oils EBook contains a list of 33 essential oils that have been historically used in sedation and calming applications.  With each essential oil, you will discover:


  • The Type of Plant, Part used and Method of Extraction
  • Interesting historical information
  • Principal places of production
  • What to look for when purchasing the oil
  • Therapeutic properties
  • Therapeutic uses
  • Other essential oils that it blends well with
  • Precautionary advice

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