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How this All-Natural Deodorant for Women became a ritual of empowerment and sensuality.

Ritual is an ancient and intrinsic art form of being human. Grounding in nature, it is a powerful tool for promoting resiliency, solidarity and a much-needed constant in a world that is constantly changing.

Women who embrace a daily ritual feel renewed, centered and calm. It has been discovered that women who practice a daily ritual have specific traits. Typically, they have a keen understanding that the world is so much more than what is experienced through the physical senses of the body. They consciously practice self-love and self-care and have a heightened sense of self-awareness. They’re the ones who challenge the status quo. They do this not from force, dominating aggression or the need to convince others. They simply set the example by listening to their own inner knowing over external influences - always. In fact, you are reading this right now because you are such a woman and these statements resonate with you.

She found her ritual. She practiced it every day. It made her feel empowered.

It all started on a Friday evening not to long ago. She had no plans for the evening and yet something very special happened that night.

She poured herself a glass of wine as the music hummed at a volume set to her pleasing. She danced and swayed as each crescendo peaked. She was alone and enjoyed the freedom and space to express herself.

She lit candles, selected some essential oils and ran the bath.

As she undressed, she noted the pleasing iridescent light shimmering from the candles. The steaming sanctuary welcomed her as she lowered herself into the warm and soothing embrace of the water.

The earthy and calming scent of therapeutic oils filled her senses. The candlelit room cast its glow, showing glimpses of her soft, wet skin. She laid back, calm and relaxed. She casually stretched her leg out in front of her and used her toes to turn the faucet on for more hot water. With loving attention, she caressed her body, washing the week away. When she was ready – and only then – she lifted herself from the bath and wrapped herself in a thick, soft towel that had been warming for her, close to the heater.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled for she realized she was not alone. Her reflection stood staring back at her. “Well, hello there,” she said. She reached for the glass amber bottle, turned the lid and added a few drops to the palm of her right hand. She raised her left arm above her head and gently massaged the carefully curated oils into the delicate, soft area under her arm.

She then reversed the process on her right side. Normally she would treat herself this lymphatic massage in the morning before going about her day. However, this was a special kind of evening.

Crawling into bed that night, she laid there with a satiated smile upon her face, pleased with the loving attention she received.

Have you ever had an experience that you wish you could bottle and have again anytime you desire?

Scents are powerful and evocative. They are connected to memories and emotion and can trigger the same feeling you had when you first smelled them. You have distinct memories associated with scent. Each time you experience it, its transportive nature normally evokes the same feeling you had upon first having it.

That is what makes Deodorant Drops so effective.

Applying the effective and restorative blend of therapeutic oils is a communion with self. It is a loving act of self-intimacy filled with reverence and honor.

This communion with self helps to reawaken your inner knowing.

When your inner knowing is unleashed, you feel calm and centered. You have greater clarity. When you have clarity, you make choices that are in your best interest.

Associating this feeling to a scent is metaphorically similar to the practice of Descansos that Clarissa Pinkola Estes describes in Women who Run With The Wolves. Descansos are symbols that mark a death. Right there, right on that spot, someone’s journey in life pivoted unexpectedly. Something happened there that altered that person’s life. Metaphorically we can view these markers as crossroads, choice points, places where you choose one road and might have taken another.

When an experience is marked with a grounding point like a scent or symbol, the hint of that experience is readily conjured when that scent or symbol comes up again.

Practicing self-intimacy helps to build up your reservoir of worth.

When you have a feeling of self-worth, you no longer settle for things that are not in your best interest. You only accept situations and relationships that nourish and honor the higher standards you expect to receive.

That is when you know you have reclaimed your birthright.

Imagine being in control, having the sense of self worth and confidence to ask for what you want, completely relaxed because your higher self is driving the bus. You get to sit back and enjoy all the goodness that comes your way because of the self-love you give and receive daily.

That is the best kind of daily ritual.

Deodorant Drop glass dropper bottles were carefully selected for a specific reason.

Their use requires being intimate with the soft and delicate area under the arm. It is a ritual of self-love that delights the senses in what has been called “an olfactory orgasm”. The ritual of using deodorant drops transitions you from the state of being before the ritual occurs, moves you through the ritual and leaves you in a different state after the ritual concludes.

Using the right essential oils to create an all-natural deodorant packs powerful detoxifying, antibacterial and calmative properties.

Sweating is normal and occurs regularly in daily life due to temperature changes, spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, medication, hormonal fluctuations or illness. Emotional states like stress, anger, worry or fear also stimulate increased sweating.

Typically, sweat is nearly odorless. It is only when it mingles with bacteria, that an odor can form. The beauty of all natural, essential oil-based deodorants is that the antibacterial properties of the essential oils stop the smell before it starts. If calmative essential oils are included in the blend, the stress reactions that cause underarm glands to produce sweat are minimized.

Little stress, little sweat, no bacteria, no bad odor!

So go forth, lovelies. Become intimate with yourself. Do those things that fill you up. If it doesn't replenish, stop it. If it helps you connect with your higher self, do more of it. Reclaim it. And, rejoice in the feeling of rejuvenation.

If you want to feel these things - and you know that you do - take the time to get intimate with yourself. Right now, in whatever form it may be.

Try Deodorant Drops to unleash the inner wise Woman within. It is simple. It is natural. It is effective.


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