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Lavender Love All Natural Deodorant

Lavender Love All Natural Deodorant


The fresh scent of lavender essential oil packs powerful detoxifying, antibacterial, anti-microbial, calmative and deodorizing properties into this easy-to-use, all-natural deodorant.


The armpit is home to life-essential lymph nodes and glands. Rather than masking odor with synthetic scents or plugging sweat glands with chemical-based antiperspirants, we can rely on essential oils to harmonize with our bodies.


The beauty of this deodorant is that while the antibacterial power stops the smell before it starts, it also contains calmative properties that reduce the stress reactions that cause underarm glands to produce sweat. Little stress, little sweat, no bacteria, no bad odor!


75 grams $14

35 grams $7





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