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Essential Tonics

Consciously curated self-care rituals made by women for women

proud Canadian supplier

100% pure essential oils

by clinical aromatherapists

3rd party tested
for purity

Wholesale Pricing

Available to retailers and consumers on bulk orders because we believe that high quality, 100% pure essential oils should be accessible to all.  See Details >


of utmost importance


one that invigorates, restores, refreshes, or stimulates

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We Believe

The power that created the world,

is the power within you.

Spending time in nature
is the best tonic.

As you see another,

you will see yourself.

In stillness,

all things are answered.

A single creative act has
the potential to feed a

Image by Brooke Cagle

Our Story

From the desk of Founder, Teresa Roulette

I come from a long line of healers and believers.


Pioneering prairie women who homesteaded, knew the earth and were one with it. Long before Do-It-Yourself (DIY) became a catchphrase, our ancestors were those self-sufficient people, inventing and creating because life called for solutions.


Growing up in Manitoba, I would walk through the forest paths with my grandma, plucking wild rose petals off the bush to eat. As I chewed, she explained the benefits of these satiny soft morsels made up of immunity building vitamins.


My mom would walk me through her garden, plucking chamomile, lavender, sage, dill, oregano, thyme and many other herbs, flowers and plants. She would casually squish them between her fingers to expel their essence and bringing them to my nose, would explain the therapeutic properties inherent within each.

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Essential Oil Resource Hub

Sharing our knowledge and providing affordable, quality products to empower people to create all-natural and affordable therapeutic solutions for themselves and their families. And, for those entrepreneurial kindred spirits, this site is meant to be used as a resource hub to support your essential oil business.

Applying Essential Oil

Essential Oils


Learn about essential oils, their therapeutic properties and uses.

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Visit this growing collection of books to help essential oil DIYers and Makers create their own blends and learn more about the science of aromatherapy. 


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Sharing with you our knowledge on wellness, essential oils and natural living. 

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